Our team has years of experience in infrastructure valuations, renewable energy valuations, property business valuations, private equity valuations and start-up valuations. We help you measure and enhance value.

Experienced Team. Valuable Insights. Efficient and Reliable.

We work with listed and unlisted companies, super funds, sovereign wealth funds, specialist fund managers, private equity firms, family 
offices and government departments, helping them to measure or enhance value.

A key differentiator between us and other valuation firms is that you will have senior staff members with extensive experience deeply involved in every aspect of the valuations. Our senior staff work on the detail of each valuation, and therefore can provide crucial insights into factors affecting the value of assets. Because our focus is on using senior staff, we ensure we only accept work that we can undertake to a high level of quality.

We have valued over 100 infrastructure and renewables investments, with many asset valuations undertaken regularly over periods of 3 to 5 years.

We have experience in the valuation of investments across the spectrum: ordinary equity, preference shares, convertible notes, subordinated notes, senior debt and options.

Our experience and focus means we can provide you with robust, defensible valuations that reflect commercial reality

What We Do


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